Play HXXD & Win TRX! is a PvP grid capture game enabling you to win TRON TRX by claiming the most grids on the gameboard while competing against other players.

Games are configured for multiple players (2 or 3 players per game) at different Buy-In/Payout levels and only take a few minutes to finish, so don't be afraid to just jump into a game and figure it out as you go. 

In-Game Token uses the in-game token "HXXD" with a conversion rate of 1 TRX = 6 HXXD. Deposit any amount of TRX and receive 6x that amount in HXXD in-game tokens. Play as many games as you want and whenever you are ready to leave, simply use the CashOut feature and your HXXD will be converted back to TRX at the same rate. There are ZERO in-game transaction fees and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Buy-Ins & Payouts

Buy-In levels range from 30 HXXD (5 TRX) all the way up to 60,000 HXXD for you high rollers. Even higher, elite matches can be made available on request. Contact us via Telegram or Discord using the links in the header.

Game payouts are configured as follows:

2-Player Game

  • 1st Place: 90% of Total Buy-Ins 

3-Player Game

  • 1st Place: 60% of Total Buy-Ins 
  • 2nd Place: 30% of Total Buy-Ins

Players receive winnings immediately after their game ends and are free to withdraw at any time.

Game Logistics

Ensure you are logged into TronLink on Google Chrome and connected to TRON Mainnet.

Deposit and CashOut are simple and easy to use, displaying converted amounts in realtime.

After depositing, you can register for a game by clicking the Play link next to any game available in the Ongoing or Scheduled lists, but only if you have enough in-game HXXD to pay the Buy-In amount. 

Visitors to the site can enter any In-Progress game in watch mode and may also view Completed games to see the final gameboard and player scores.

After registering for a game, you will see the message "Awaiting Players" in the Action History log until the required number of players have signed up.

Once all players are registered, the game will start after a 15-second countdown.

Players can unregister anytime before a game starts and will get their full Buy-In back. After a game has started however, a player may still choose to quit the game but will not get their Buy-In back.

Player Turns and Skipping

Players are assigned a random grid color and take turns in the order which they signed up.

Players have 10 seconds to act during their turn or they will be skipped. A completed turn consists of either clicking one of the grids to occupy it or deploying a Hex Bomb, covered more fully below.

If a player is skipped a total of 3 times during the game, they will be out of the game and will not get their Buy-In back. In a 2-Player game, that means the game will end and the other player wins by default. In a 3-Player game the game will continue between the remaining two players. 


For every grid occupied by a player, they score 1 point. If a player loses grids during game play, they lose points equal to the number of grids lost.

Bonus & Trap Grids 

Some grids will reveal either a Bonus or a Trap when clicked by a player during their turn.

Bonuses will award the player with extra grids and points.

Traps will take away some of the player's existing grids. If a player has 0 grids and clicks on a Trap, they will not lose grids because they don't have any grids to take away.

All grids are dynamic and can reveal either a Bonus or a Trap when they are unoccupied. Because Traps (and Hex Bombs) take grids away from players and reset them back to unoccupied status, a grid that was a Bonus last time it was clicked could reveal a Trap or a regular grid the next time.  

Hex Bombs

Players can buy and deploy Hex Bombs against each other to control the action and increase their chances of winning.

Hex Bombs will erase and reset up to 7 grids (1 clicked grid + all adjacent grids) back to unoccupied status and decrease the affected players' scores by the number of grids they lose.

Hex Bombs will reset other players' grids and the grids of the player who deployed the Hex Bomb, so be careful where you unleash them.

Buying Hex Bombs will increase the prize pool, making the game's payout larger.  

Players may deploy a maximum of 10 Hex Bombs during a single game and they are only active during that game, so don't buy too many all at once. There are no refunds for unused Hex Bombs.

Buying and deploying Hex Bombs allows players to control the action, increase the prize pool and improve their chances of winning. 

Other Features

Player Profiles

Players may enter a name to use on the site and upload an image file to be used as their player icon on the scoreboard.

Change Background

Clicking the Background button will toggle through a series of still images and random animated gifs which players can set as their background image.

Action History

Player and game actions are recorded in the Action History log to help players keep up with the action.

Rotating Gameboards gameboards are fully rotating to allow players to get a good look at the board from any angle.


Good luck! Now go...